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A.What is the Summit about?

The main goal of the Roshem Regeneration Summit is to gather impact-driven people to share their expertise, experiences and projects as well as INSPIRE all the participants for a new kind of Economy. The event will be virtual focusing specifically on impact investing and the regenerative economy, with an emphasis on providing a platform to diverse leaders across the global impact finance and social entrepreneurship space.

The event is a non-profit Summit intended to distribute revenue to the Roshem Foundation‘s non-profit partners for specific programs. SAPANA is one of those non-profits.


B.When and How?

The Summit will be on 30th and 31st of August and 1st of September through a very interactive online platform named Hopin.

The agenda of the Summit will be updated on the website. On the website you can also find the already confirmed speakers.


C.How to participate?

To participate in the Summit please BUY YOUR TICKET through this LINK. It is the SAPANA´s referral link.

Conference Access passes include 3-month memberships for each ticket holder to join the Roshem Network social network platform.  The Roshem Network connects impact investors and professionals from the field of impact finance with:

  • One another
  • Educational opportunities and resources
  • Investable regenerative agriculture projects and conscious businesses
  • Community stakeholders across the sustainable business landscape

All conference attendees will be able to access Summit recordings after the conference through the Roshem Network.


D.Where the money goes to?

 All the revenues of the Summit will be distributed between the following four non-profits and social enterprises: Roshem Foundation, Sapana, Femmebought, Sustainability Leadership Kosova


E.Why you should enroll right away?

 Get familiar with the concept Regenerative Economy

  • Learn with the best leaders on the field. Please check the speakers here.
  • Be inspired
  • Challenge yourself
  • Learn about better choices we can do on our daily life